HELP SAVE 200 SQUARE METRES OF RAINFOREST WITH EVERY WATCH PURCHASED. Why is the rainforest so important? Within the last 100 years, 50% of all forests have been cut down and more is burned at the rate of 40 football fields every minute. Trees clean the air we breathe, purify water, and provide homes for animals and humans alike.
Rainforests play an integral role in slowing climate change: they are essential for our survival. Because of this, Burlingham has partnered with the charity Cool Earth. Cool Earth empowers indigenous villages and puts local people back into control. They give communities the resources they need to protect the forest and keep their home and livelihoods intact.
Even better, by protecting the extremities of the rainforest where most people live, a natural shield is formed that protects the millions of acres of neighbouring forest. Buy a watch, save the rainforest, and change the lives of thousands of people.