Bingham X Burlingham 2020

“Each one of my travels has seen me through huge growth, when we were creating the watches and deciding on colours, I took inspiration from some of the most memorable trips I'd taken” 

Laura Bingham, Explorer and Adventurer


Introducing the Bingham X Burlingham partnership

Burlingham Watches have joined with leading British explorer and adventurer, Laura Bingham, to create 200 limited edition watches that offer an adventurous twist to the current Burlingham. The three watches, the Essequibo, the Atlantic and the Larapinta embody the passion, thrill and determination of adventure.


Laura Bingham (27) is a British adventurer, who travelled extensively in her early adulthood and then ditched conventional English life to live in Mexico, which led on to several adventures that have gained her the title of a Guinness World Record Holder.

In 2014 she made the bold decision to attempt to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. With zero experience she boarded a 38ft trimaran, alongside two sea-faring blokes and a cat called Cuba. During this period Laura witnessed some extraordinary sights: several whales, numerous pods of dolphins, nights full of impossibly bright stars, trails of bioluminescence... and the odd shark.

In 2016 Laura cycled across the entire continent of South America, without any money. Laura was raising both money and awareness for Operation South America, a charity that looks after homeless or abused girls and young women in Paraguay. With no money, Laura began to catch a small glimpse of a life without financial or social stability whilst travelling through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina.

In 2018, Laura successfully led a world-first expedition to locate the source of the Essequibo River, Guyana, and then made a descent by kayak. Her journey took her through treacherous jungles and overpowering waters until they battled the ocean currents to arrive at the Atlantic Ocean. 

Laura balances adventure with a happy family life alongside her husband, fellow explorer, Ed Stafford and their 2-year-old son Ranulph. Her next adventure? They’re currently expecting twins.

Bring a little more adventure into your daily life and look to the next adventure.  

The Bingham X Burlingham Limited Edition Range

‘The Atlantic’ -  Inspired by the 3,000 nautical miles of open water that transformed Laura from traveller to adventurer, the blue, waterproof quality of the strap is the representation of this adventure in the 38ft trimaran sailing vessel across the big, wide Atlantic Ocean. Click here to see and reserve your watch now.


‘The Essequibo’ Inspired by Laura's biggest expedition yet, the green strap represents the green jungle that Laura traversed during her 10-week journey and her strong importance of safeguarding for future generations. Whilst paddling down the river, she was struck by the harmony and beauty of the jungle juxtaposed against the deforestation and destruction of man. The green strap embodies her, along with millions of others', belief that we should serve nature not the other way around. Click here to see and reserve your watch now.


‘The Larapinta' This watch represents a more personal adventure for Laura. While in the heart of Australia surrounded by sand-coloured rocks, Laura's now-husband asked her to marry him on the Larapinta trail, at the ‘Bridal lookout’. This is a journey of the heart, as much as it is of the physical expedition. Click here to see and reserve your watch now.