NowUnknown review Burlinghan London Watches

by Burlingham London August 08, 2016

NowUnkonw, an online blog that revolves around the newest Men's Lifestyle, Culture and Art has reviewed and written about our watches.

They were excited to see a new British brand launch into the market place offering such high quality luxury watches at an affordable price point.


'You know we love a bit of English heritage, whether it’s Modern English’s shoes or a little jaunt to Waltham Abbey. So you know when Burlingham spoke to us, whispering sweet nothings about heritage watches, we just had to have a closer look.'

'The pairing of British style and Swiss precision, Burlingham watches are the coming together of two powerhouses. And it couldn’t be more delicately done.'


To read more from NowUnknown and their review our designer watches, please go to their website and read their review here.



Burlingham London
Burlingham London