Liam Pitts Introducing his New Burlingham Confluence 01

by Burlingham London December 05, 2016

Liam firmly believes that everyone should have a wide range of designer watches (preferably ones that goes with every outfit). So in his own words:

"I wrote a post focusing on the brand Burlingham London* who have the most stunning watches."

I decided to go out and about to capture mine in all it’s glory – because, you know, a beautiful watch needs a beautiful backdrop.

If you’re like me, then you can truly appreciate a nice watch in it’s prime, glistening in the sun and giving that special edge to any outfit. This stunning gold and black timepiece from the collection is something of a spectacle, that I couldn’t resist but the get nature to help show off it’s full potential.

Finding the perfect setting was easy! Whatever the scenario, the watch just shines through and takes over the whole picture, there’s no escaping how wonderfully pleasing-to-the-eye it is. A classic gold colour, a timeless leather strap and a simple clockface is a winner in my book.

I know that this watch will go with every single outfit – whether it be smart or casual, it will compliment everything that I wear. It even goes with my coffee."


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Burlingham London
Burlingham London