Daniel Marin reviews Burlingham London watches

by Burlingham London August 08, 2016

Daniel approached us and asked if he could write a review of one of our designer watches. With such a great site we naturally jumped at the chance. Read his thoughts on our British Designed watch Confluence 00 here.

So what did Daniel have to say?

This is not your everyday designer watch. Think iconic influences like classic tweed fabrics, historical gold sovereigns, Oxford-Cambridge boat races, and so much more.

The design and colours are striking. The dial is inspired by the intertwining pattern of tweed fabric, while the numbers are classically British. True to its name, it replaces the expected ’12’ with ‘00’ as a quintessentially British twist.

Its green strap and second hand, which is a lighter shade of green, are a subtle reminder that this watch is also has an eco twist.

By buying and wearing this watch, you have made a small contribution to help saving the rainforests and empowering local communities and lives.


We're hugely appreciative of Daniel reviewing our Green 00 designer wrist watch and hope you enjoy his blog. He has some great reads which are well worth a good read. 

Burlingham London
Burlingham London