Why a watch is a perfect accessory for a formal event

by Burlingham London July 06, 2017

Why a watch is a perfect accessory for a formal event

Often during summer, you’ll find yourself with a series of formal events to attend, from weddings to office summer parties and the races. You’ll want to look and feel your best at each of these events, but the cost of new outfits, shoes, suits, bags, and accessories can quickly rack up.

Buying a designer watch is an investment in a piece you can wear time and again, working it into several different looks. Your watch should say something about you and your unique individual style, as well as expressing how you feel about yourself. Below we’ve listed three reasons why a watch is perfect fashion accessory for a formal event.

Make a statement

A luxury watch can be worn daily, or kept as a special piece to be worn at significant or formal events. Depending on the design you choose, it can say a lot about yourself, and is an opportunity for you to make a statement. There are a number of different designer and luxury watch styles to choose from, within that, one such style, the modern unisex watche can look great with anything from a floaty summer dress to a well-tailored suit, a good watch can marry together differing styles for different occasions.


It’s something you’ve probably never considered before, but watches are a great way to break the ice in conversation, especially if you’re attending an event such as a wedding, where you are one of many guests. Whether the conversation starts with a compliment or a question about where you bought your watch, it’s a great way to get chatting to people about the different designs, stories and styles to choose from, opening up an easy conversation in what can be a slightly awkward situation.

Useful accessory

Another reason a watch is a perfect accessory for a formal event is that it will keep you on track as the day unfolds. If you’re at the races, you’ll want to be sure you’re ready watching the course during certain races, or if you're at a wedding you can make sure you’re in the right place at the right time. Not only is it a stunning edition to a formal outfit, it’s also a useful way to help you make the most out of your day.

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