What a good watch may say about you

by Burlingham London March 23, 2017

What a good watch says about you

The proliferation of smartphones and fitness tracking devices might make you think that the age of wearing a wristwatch is in the past. That space on the wrist has become valuable real estate and putting a device on there that only does one thing might seem to some a waste. However, many young people are becoming increasingly attracted to the idea of having a beautiful timepiece on their wrists because of what it tells the world about them. It’s the subtlest of social media posts.

You care:
Wearing a traditional timepiece in the first place tells the world you care about how you spend your time. You probably have a bunch of tried and tested productivity apps on your desktop, and a reputation for being on time. We see a lot of bosses of start-ups coming to us because of this desire to respect that fundamental constant in our lives - Time.

You respect time-honoured traditions:
A classic-looking timepiece is understated and a good way of conveying that you respect what has come before and that being ‘the latest’ is not as important to you as being the best. Wearers of classic timepieces value the long-term in relationships, business and life.

You're interesting:
A watch with panache, may infer you like to soak up the best in life. You might be a risk-taker, pushing things to the edge. You may have a number of different hobbies. You may suggest you’re detail oriented and focus on all the little details. You always give everything 100% and live in the now while striving towards the future.

You're dependable:
Perhaps you are more of a practical person? Then a timepiece that looks like a family heirloom is possibly for you. Usually of a ‘classic’ design that never dates, these watches last a lifetime and are precise and reliable. Just like you.

You made it or are aiming towards it:
No matter your start in life, you might consider a high-end, visually striking watch as a personal reminder of all you’ve overcome and achieved. There is nothing to be ashamed of in making a statement to those around you of how hard you have worked. All the late nights, the risks, the hard conversations as well as the times you nearly lost it all but bounced back - all can be summed up and honoured with a fine wristwatch.

Whoever you are, a good watch can help you to define or compliment yourself.

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