Could wearing a watch that 'isn't' smart, be a smart move?

by Burlingham London April 27, 2017

Could wearing a watch that isn't smart, be a smart move?

Is everyone around you wearing a smart watch?

It's taken a while for wearable technology to get off the ground. As is often the case, it was Apple who finally made smart watches popular, releasing the Apple Watch in 2014. Samsung and other companies had tried for a few years but never really captured the public's imagination.

Now the smart watch has taken hold and we have the benefit of being contactable, and contacted, at every possible moment, morning noon and night - as if that didn't happen enough with mobile phones and then smartphones. A smart watch can tell you what you should be doing, how active you are, who's phoning you, emailing you, messaging you - and probably more. Don't forget to charge it all the time too.

So why could wearing a watch that isn't smart be a smart move?

It's a statement about taking yourself out of the digital maelstrom and regaining control. When people notice a beautiful watch with Anglo-Swiss design and ask what it can do, you can simply reply: "It tells me the time."

A phone or tablet performs communication tasks perfectly well, and you can make it your decision as to when you interact with the rest of the world. With a classic watch, you decide when to communicate, when to be reminded.

You're putting boundaries in place so that when you're out and about, in a meeting, or having quality time with family and friends, you are deciding to prioritise that experience.

You aren't putting someone else's desire to contact you, make an arrangement with you, or send you a picture of their latest meal, above the things in life that you value most. You're making it clear that you prefer quality craftsmanship and quality of life to the one-upmanship of rushing out to appropriate every single latest piece of digital hardware.

With a quality timepiece from Burlingham, a British watch company, you're entering a different world, a world where class has value and you're making a statement about the priorities you hold dear.

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Burlingham London
Burlingham London


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