Physical objects in a virtual world

by Burlingham London February 16, 2017

In today's high-speed, technology-fuelled world, it can seem like everyone is in a rush to make everything digital - whether they're trying to put a computer in your fridge or get your TV to send you Facebook notifications, it can be hard to keep pace with the integration that the world seems to expect of you. 

But it's important to remember the simple pleasures that can be found in all things analogue. Whether it's opening up a leather-bound diary on the first day of the year and scratching your name into the first page with a fountain pen, or moving your meeting from Skype to a grained-wooden table in a warm coffee shop, there's an irreplaceable quality to real-world objects, encounters, and experiences. 

But just like a calendar with each day triumphantly crossed out, or a worn notebook filled with a thousand fresh ideas, a watch has its place in today's fast-paced world. Because there's more to timekeeping than pulling out your phone and checking: the humble watch offers more than that. 

A watch can be a statement. An expression. A manifesto. It's a signal to those around you that you're here, right now, and that some things aren't replaceable - instead they are sacred and worth taking time over. It's more than a fashion statement, or a way to flash your cash. It is a way to tell everyone what kind of person you are, or who you want to be. It could even highlight, with our commitments to helping save the rain forests through Cool Earth, what you want the world to be.

At Burlingham London, this is our philosophy. We believe that little things, although seemingly insignificant, can change the world: that every seed is a tree waiting to grow, and that in each person there is a story. We put all of our passion and philosophy into each one of our watches, and we hope that each one can help somebody tell their story. To find out more about our rainforest programme, visit: To look at our range of stylish and affordable watches, visit:

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