Not all heroes wear capes. A few stories of mothers around the world to celebrate Mothers Day 2017

by Burlingham London March 20, 2017

To celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday 26th March, below are three very short stories of mothers from around the globe showing dedication, creating laughter and providing security - mothers truly do help us from our earliest formative years onwards.   

  • Joanna Krzysztonek, a Polish mother who endured 75 days of labor—upside down! Well, almost upside down. After losing one of her triplets to premature birth, Krzysztonek’s only option was to endure the position to allow her other two babies to develop further and improve their chances for a successful birth. Her baby girl, Iga, and boy, Ignacy, were born at 32 weeks. (found on
  • "My mother had just finished taking a CPR class at a local college when she and I were in the mall and saw a big crowd gathered around a still body. Mom took off running at a speed I didn’t know she could muster, yelling, “Everyone back! I know CPR!” Just as she threw herself next to the body and was about to begin, a pair of strong hands pulled her to her feet. “Ma’am,” said a police officer beside her, 'we are trying to arrest this man.'" (found on 
  • "On my first day of kindergarten she gave me her wedding ring to keep in my sock as a reassurance I would be alright and that she return for me."Donna Devereaux Copeland (found on

Wherever and whoever your Mother, take a moment to think about how your mother has helped make you who you are today. 




Burlingham London
Burlingham London


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