Love is about expression, not words

by Burlingham London February 09, 2017

Love is about expression, not words

Valentine’s Day is only around the corner and for many of us, thoughts turn to that special person and how to say those three special words: “I love you.”

After all, letting someone know you love them is just as important as actually loving them. Too many of us are afraid to say those three words: some of that comes out of a fear of rejection and some of us can’t say it because we just don’t want to admit the truth to ourselves. It takes a lot of courage to find those words and often it is our lack of courage that can be the true obstacle in our pursuit for true love.

Sometimes, though, words don’t need to be used at all.

That’s because love has never been just about the words; love is about feeling and words are just one way that you can express that feeling. There are other ways to express your feelings that could be more effective and that can help that special person know how much you really feel about them.

Does it have to be a grand gesture? Like a trip to Paris? Maybe for some, if you can afford it and if that’s your sort of thing. Maybe you want to tell your partner how much you care with a quiet dinner at home, as you put your cooking skills to the test to make that perfect meal.

Receiving one of our designer unisex watches as a gift could be that ultimate gesture: crafted with love, each luxury watch is made of Anglo-Swiss design and offers the perfect Valentine’s Day gesture.

You can even share a timepiece between you as a couples' watch; signifying your enduring love for each other. Our Confluence range is perfectly balanced for both sexes to wear, it can help bring you both closer together and showcase your unity.

A timepiece is about more than just a present; it’s a reflection of your time together in the past, the present and the future.

However you wish to express your love this Valentine’s Day, be ambitious about it, be confident and be brave.

Burlingham London
Burlingham London


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