Can great fashion equal effective alturism?

by Burlingham London March 17, 2017

With great fashion comes great responsibility

Conscious fashion, a new way of shopping – and thinking - is changing shopping habits worldwide on a vast scale and for good reason. If you've been online in the last year or so, you would have been hard-pressed to avoid this phenomenon and the day-by-day greater good that it is achieving.

For busy professionals in any industry, finding the time to give back in traditional ways can be difficult; though building houses or volunteering are incredibly noble and worthwhile avenues, often life can get in the way. Making conscious choices in just some aspects of life, whether it's buying organic milk from the supermarket, sustainable clothing from local stores or choosing high-quality items built to last may take just seconds, it can pay back in a big way. These little habits and behaviours all add up in no time to form your philanthropic, considered approach to shopping; you are giving back and making a difference – that’s something to feel great about.

Alongside this, a commitment to local businesses is another way that professionals can show their support for local industry and entrepreneurial business. In comparison to mass-made or sourced products, locally created products are far more likely to stand the test of time, offering a classic, well-designed alternative to fast fashion.

In an era that's more globally connected than any before it, it's no longer a given that you have to get what you can find. For every product imaginable, there are thousands of options at your disposal from every corner of the world. One of the things that sets Burlingham London apart from the rest is our commitment to charitable causes - after all, it's only through helping others that we can truly succeed.

Our partnership with Cool Earth cements that commitment. With every watch purchased from Burlingham London, 200 square meters of rainforest will be saved - helping to protect our planet and change the lives of thousands of people whose lives are interwoven with the rainforest and all it brings to their homes and livelihoods. The inspiring charity works alongside indigenous villages to keep rainforests intact, providing valuable support across Peru and Papua New Guinea.

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