A Shared Journey with Burlingham Watches

by Maddie Anandarajah November 03, 2016

Welcome to Burlingham London watches!


At Burlingham London, we believe in quality, aesthetics and personal empowerment. This has driven us as a British watch company to create high quality timepieces that showcase a fresh and unique design, marrying precision timekeeping with a sleek appearance that will keep you ahead of the game.


Our expert Anglo/Swiss design team have spent months perfecting and testing our Confluence range of watches to get to the point where we were confident that our watches were receiving great feedback from all who saw and handled them. We hope you agree!


In addition to our passionate enthusiasm for quality, design and success, Burlingham London has a strong ethical core. The ideal of succeeding as oneself whilst being a force for good in the world runs through every fibre of our brand. In our Confluence range, we express this through our collaboration with Cool Earth; every Burlingham watch purchased helps to empower rainforest-dwelling villagers directly, which in turn protects at least 200m squared of their forest land from logging.


In our blogs, we want to open conversations about this topic and others close to our hearts, from watches and horology to British heritage, London, travel, fashion, success and style. We will start off our first discussion with a piece on meritocracy; the philosophy, its practice and its importance. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic so we can respond in our blog. Do get in touch and let us know what you think.


At Burlingham London we also believe in working together to share ideas. We believe that passionate, hard-working, creative minds, seasoned with a pinch of optimism, will shape the future. Equality in all its forms; empowerment of those in need, sustainability and, at the core of our business, meritocracy, will make the world a better place for everyone. For this reason, we want to showcase and explore initiatives by other companies and individuals that we find truly inspirational.


Words have the power to inspire, motivate and inform. We want to hear about your values, passions and beliefs - whatever it is that drives you. Are you passionate about standing up for human rights, gender or racial equality or ending poverty? Our Burlingham blog is a platform where people like you can inspire and motivate others both to succeed as themselves and to become forces for good in the world.


If you or your company is involved in making a positive impact and empowering others, do let us know. We’d love to share your work.


Thank you for joining us on our journey. A partnership with you, our esteemed readers, is a great and significant step for us. We can’t wait to take this exciting way together.

Maddie Anandarajah
Maddie Anandarajah


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