Taking a moment to think

by Burlingham London April 06, 2017

Taking a moment to think


Just for a moment, take the time to stop and breathe. Life is a hectic hurricane, with our modern digital world demanding instant responses on so many fronts - so fast, that we forget to think and appreciate the moment, instead driving constantly forwards without looking back.

Stop. Breathe. Appreciate.

When the things we do are not given the time they deserve, we fail to perform at our peak - quantity, rather than quality, takes precedence and both our work, and ourselves, suffer. We need something to remind us, something that pulls us out of that whirlwind and plants us firmly back into physical reality, giving us the opportunity to take the moment to ourselves – to breathe.

The almost-silent tick of the watch. The glance at our wrist to see something which appreciates every second with its soft movement. The important reminder that quality is better than quantity. A fine wristwatch is a constant companion, helping us through the day in so many ways. Its primary focus – to ensure that we don’t miss those important moments – is accepted without question, but it also improves our life in other ways, many unseen or ignored.

That tangible object sits with comfortable weight on our arm and connects us to the ethereal concept of time in such a solid, appreciable way. It rejects chaos and helps maintain a sense of order in a frantic day.

With a Burlingham timepiece, it does so with subtle artistry. Beauty that means something. The nod to British culture and history with the guilloché patterning, the scratch resistant sapphire crystal coating, the elegant styling – all adds up to speak to us more about quality, about spending time in appreciation.

About providing a moment to breathe. With a partnership with Cool Earth, there is even more of a reason to choose a Burlingham watch – helping to protect the Rainforest, taking care of the future of the planet and making a difference to the air - perhaps providing an extra moment for us all to breathe.

Burlingham London
Burlingham London


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