5 top adventure holidays to explore with your Burlingham over the summer

by Burlingham London June 22, 2017

5 top adventure holidays to explore with your Burlingham over the summer

Burlingham designer watches are the perfect office-to-adventure transitional pieces, perfect for keeping you on local time the next time you jet off on an sneaky escapade. Check out our top five destinations for adventure this summer:

- Silk road by train (https://goo.gl/JLwNBk)

If you've never thought of visiting Uzbekistan, you might want to add it to your list. This beautiful country is the start of the ancient silk road, and you can explore it from the comfort of a private train. Wander the bustling markets, check out some incredibly beautiful mosques and take in staggering views by rail, making sure your train is on time with a high-end Burlingham watch.

- Alpine mountain biking (https://goo.gl/pDgwG8)

The same steep slopes which make the Alps a great place to ski offer some fantastic mountain biking opportunities in the summer months. If you're a thrill seeker, this is a great way to see another side to one of Europe's most awe-inspiring mountain ranges.

- Follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia (https://goo.gl/CDqfaf)

Fancy yourself as a bit of an explorer? The Wadi Rum is one of the world's most dramatic and impressive landscapes, and you can trek through it. Reach the summits of spectacular rock formations and take in the incredible views they offer - it's unmissable.

- Kenyan horseback safari (https://goo.gl/xYBozh)

Get in touch with nature and see it up close and personal with a horseback safari in Kenya. You should be able to get much closer to the big game than you would in a vehicle and can spot lions, elephants, gerenuk and the rare Grévy’s zebra, while complementing your safari gear with a stylish watch.

- Naadam festival (https://goo.gl/ZTrdYb)

Mongolia might not be the most obvious place to go on holiday, but it's a fascinating country. The Naadam festival is the country's most important national holiday, and if you go there in July you can see traditional horse riding, archery and wrestling events. Use your stylish Burlingham to make sure you're on time for the events that you just can't miss!

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