5 bars in London you absolutely have to see

by Burlingham London July 13, 2017

5 bars in London you absolutely have to see.

It’s hardly surprising that London should be the place to continuously test the waters for new and creative ways to enjoy drinking out. In fact, in the same way British watch company Burlingham are putting a modern twist on British design, there’s been a surge in the number of bars that are putting an exciting, modern twist on traditional establishments. Here are five of those bars that are doing it well and are worth a visit.


Hardly new, Barts is seeing continual increases in popularity as word spreads among the streets of Chelsea of this quirky little bar. This old fashioned speakeasy is tantalisingly pleasant to drink in and comes complete with a bouncer who gives you the once over through a peephole before you’re allowed to enter. Be prepared to look the part in the prohibition era bar, as fancy dress outfits are ready for you to try on.


Another prohibition era bar that is even more in keeping with the true feel of a speakeasy. So in keeping, in fact, that they don’t even sell alcohol and you are expected to bring your own. Instead, you pay £25 to enter and for 2 hours can enjoy the atmosphere and drink your liquor mixed with syrups, juices, cordials, fruits and bitters that they wheel round to your table.


In case you were ever looking for a disused air raid shelter that has been refashioned into a tube-themed bar, then Cahoots is your place. Be prepared to see some incredible war-era acting from train drivers and guards. With cocktails ranging from £7 to £150, you are spoilt for choice.

Callooh Caley

Taking interior design to the extreme, this bar is what many might call the hidden Narnia in Shoreditch. You access the main bar through a wardrobe and go the toilet via a hidden door in the wall. They have a large range of quirky and inspiring cocktails and for their efforts have earned many an award, including Best Bar In The UK.

First Aid Box

As you may imagine, you won’t be drinking standard bar drinks here, but instead get your alcohol infused with a number of medicinal products including Lucozade, vitamins, minerals and superfoods. These “cure-all” drinks may well be a great way to deal with a hangover, though they’ll likely leave you with another one the next morning.

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