3 reasons to buy a designer watch

by Burlingham London March 08, 2017

3 reasons to buy a designer watch

In an era where watches can get overlooked by the hype of technological devices, why should you be investing in a designer watch? A phone can tell the time the same as a watch, but owning your very own designer watch has many more perks than its actual function.

Here are a few reasons why you should own a designer watch:

1. Style
Watches have become one of the key fashion statements you can pair with any outfit. Designer watches, in particular, provide a way of expressing your individual style, depending on the colour and design you go for. A watch can be the ideal statement piece for both women and men, whether as a standalone piece or, a complementary addition to other pieces.

2. Investment
There will come a time when your watch will make a great family heirloom which can be passed down for generations. Owning a timepiece will be a great asset for your grandchildren to keep as a memory of you.
3. Philanthropy
Finding that perfect watch is an amazing feeling in its own right, but imagine if that purchase and ownership could do more; save a part of the rainforest. As a designer watch company, we are proud to announce that we collaborate with Cool Earth - a charity aiming to protect the rainforest. With every watch that is purchased, over 200m² of rainforest is saved by investing in the local custodians to the rainforest.
We believe that it is not just important to provide great products for consumers, but also to give something back to the environment. If you are a huge believer in protecting the environment, we welcome you.

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